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February 8, 2021

We have moved our Lougheed Town Centre location to a new spot in the mall. We are now located beside Starbucks and across from the food court.

The following policies are still in effect for your shopping experience:

1. No more than 8 customers in the store at a time. We have increased this due to the increased floor space.

2. You will have to wait at the front gate to be let in before entering the store.

3. If you have a list of more than a few Magic singles you want pulled, send it to us by email sales@tngames.ca, Facebook message or hand off a list (with contact information) at the door for us to work on while you come back later.

4. If you are sick, appear sick or suspect you might be sick, PLEASE DO NOT COME IN. We have a variety of ways for you to buy stuff from us without coming into the store and we'll make it as smooth as an experience as we can.

5. No lingering in the store. If you need 15 minutes to find your stuff, no problem but you won't be able to hang out for an extended length to chat it up even though we miss you too and even though we're sure speaking to other humans face to face is very appealing right now for all involved.

6. Face masks are still mandatory for all customers except for those aged 2 or younger. Social distancing will be very strictly enforced. Obviously, if you come in as a small group, you don't have to distance between yourselves but you will have stay together as a group while shopping. We're not going to give any leeway here.

7. Please avoid unnecessary handling of product. That is not to say you cannot inspect something but please let a staff member know.


Lougheed Town Centre Location
Everyday 11am - 6pm

Royal City Centre
Sat-Tue 10am - 6pm
Wed-Fri 11am - 7pm

We're doing our best to keep everyone safe so please be patient and understanding.

If you still don't feel safe venturing out, you can always go to our webstore. store.tngames.ca

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact me directly: ted@tngames.ca.

Thank you for being awesome through all of this and we look forward to seeing you again.

Event Form Sign Up.

You can also sign up by calling us at
604-558-2211 (Lougheed Town Centre) or 604-515-7411 (Royal City Centre)


Magic The Gathering.

T&N Games is Vancouver's premier Magic the Gathering store. We have an enormous selection of cards and can fill your lists with speed and efficiency.

Magic the Gathering Card, Volcanic Island

DC/Marvel Comic Books.

We carry all current Marvel and DC comics and collected editions. We also carry all the most popular indie comics and collected editions. We provide subscription services to make sure you never miss out on your favourite titles!

DC Marvel Comics

Funko Pop! Figures.

We have a vast selection of Pop! Figures. Not only do we carry all the usual ones you’d expect, we take great effort in bringing in exclusive figures not found in regular stores. A must for any die hard collector!

Pop! vinyl figurine of Bleach's Ichigo

Board Games.

We carry all of the best board games out there. We carry classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride as well as all the latest titles coming out. If you want something a little more familiar and classic like Monopoly, we have lots of nerd-themed Monopoly games.

Board Game

Other Products.

In addition to Magic, we carry a wide variety of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and D&D Books. We have a huge selection of gaming supplies from the usuals like Ultra Pro to the higher end Dragon Shield, KMC and Ultimate Guard.

Don’t miss out on our selection of wallet-friendly statues, pop culture and video-game themed collectibles and other fun knick-knacks.

Mewtwo EX Pokemon Card  Chaos Emperor Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Card   Board Game

T&N Games is Vancouver's premier tabletop game store. While we focus on Magic the Gathering, we have a huge selection of board games, comics, Funko Pops and puzzles. We strive to make a difference by running in-store events, engaging in community outreach and generally being good corporate citizens."
We sell Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Board Games, D&D, Comics, Funko Pops, Puzzles and Nerd Paraphernalia. We also buy Magic the Gathering, comic book and Funko Pop collections. Please inquire if you have a collection you wish to sell.
We're always running events and provide a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. Whether it's a casual level of competitiveness that you want a take no prisoners, play to win style, we offer something for everyone. We don't care what gender, race, religion or political affiliation you are. We're all human beings and everyone is welcome and treated with respect.
T&N Games - Lougheed Town Centre
#226 - 9855 Austin Road
Located on the 2nd Floor of Lougheed Town Centre
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
V3J 1N4
(604) 558-2211

T&N Games - Royal City Centre
#118 - 610 6th Street
Located on the 1st Floor of Royal City Centre
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
V3L 3C2
(604) 515-7411